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We cover all kinds of services such as: clear a drainage blockage, drain excavation, pipe cleaning, clearance, high power water jetting and more.


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We are an outstanding drainage company, with our 1 hour quick response and 24 hour availability, we are ideal for your drainage blockage emergencies.

Here at Detection Drainage Services  all of our drainage engineers are certified to NADC standard in all aspects of drain cleaning, drain repairing, drainage blockage and drain excavation. If you have a blocked drains Brighton, we can carry out drain surveys on behalf of a wide variety of property owners and public authorities across the South and provide home buyer reports, surveys for engineers and private businesses such as restaurants and offices. we can clear a drainage blockage and restore flow to your drainage system.


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Report a blocked drainage problem in Brighton. We can help clear the blockage.

Are you having drainage problems with drains, blocked sewers and man holes in Brighton, then look no further than Detection Drain Services Ltd is a contractor drainage company who can get the job done right and clear a drainage blockage 24/7. We don’t expect you to know where the problem is, just call us up and tell us what the problem is and we will carry out a full assessment and advise you on the best solution to repair the drainage problem, flushing all your drainage blockage worries away.

You will be pleased to know there are a number of drainage repair solutions available. So leave the drainage problems to us experts and we will do the rest.

Helpful Drainage Advice

Go to the Water Commission website to find who is reasonable for near your property. Drains can cause a lot of damage, See what Buildings Insurance covers for drainage damage.

Drain Maintenance in Brighton

If you run a business, run a hotel, food business or serviced flats, then drain maintenance contracts are available in which yearly checks can be arranged. Not only does waste enter the drains, but natural vegetation along with loose dirt enters the drain. A drainage maintenance contract can be arranged to ensure you have no problems.

Blocked Drains Brighton

A blocked drains blocked unexpectedly and in any type of weather. Most occurrences appear to alert home owners or property owners by seeing over flowing water around man holes, large wet patches in a property (flooring or ceiling) to name a few. If you are a tenant or property owner, you will be responsible for your drains that are within your property boundary. If you live in a flat or your not sure if you are responsible for the drainage problem, speak to Detection Drain Services Ltd we can help to clear the blockage and we will also let you know who is responsible for the drain or blocked sewers.

Collapsed Drains In Brighton

A drain that floods or over flows with water is a problem but identifying the severity of problem requires knowledge, skill and expertise. With Detection Drainage at hand, we will not just look at the face value of the problem, we will ensure that the crack has not run further down the pipe work using all measures to tackle the root of the problem. Over the decades, drains do become under strain ,weak, damaged or even blocked drains blocked. We can help to clear a drainage blockage as well as reline or replace broken pipes. The older the drainage, the older the pipework which are the ones that are frequently reported to us in public areas, residential and commercial drainage areas with problems. Today we have sophisticated tools to allow us to investigate drains and blocked sewers using CCTV drain survey. They provide an accurate and efficient way of diagnosing the root cause of any drainage problem reporting data and video which we can provide to help compile building insurance reports for claims.

What To Do Next?

If you are looking for an accredited drainage contractor (accredited by the NADC) Detection Drain Services Ltd are only a call away and readily available to solve and repair any drainage or blocked sewers problem covering the whole of Brighton. In addition to our drain surveying drainage services, we carry out emergency drain unblocking, drain cleaning and power jetting .

Detection Drain Services Ltd provide fast drainage response times and are a top drain service that you can count on. We have a lot of experience in dealing with blocked drains Brighton and surrounding areas. Our drainage engineers can provide you with a range of different services such as drain surveys, drain inspections drain unblocking and clearance of your blocked drains Brighton.

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