Blocked Drains in Croydon

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Blocked Drains Croydon
Are you having trouble with blocked drains Croydon? Detection Drain Services are one of the most trusted and popular local drainage company.

We are dedicated to providing reliable and quick drain unblocking and repair services while offering a free call out service. we aim respond to all emergency call outs within 1 hour.

You can depend on Detection Drain Services when you have a blocked toilet, blocked drain, or leaking pipes. Detection Drain Services is a dedicated drainage service fixing all types of drainage problems including plumbing related issues for domestic and commercial customers.

All Engineers are NADC approved contractors who work to the industry standard to maximise customer satisfaction.

We know the problems created by having a blocked drain, which is why Detection Drain Services aims to hit a high standard of work along with excellent customer satisfaction.

High Pressure Water Jetting
Drain jetting is a relatively simple process which involves feeding a high pressure end as pictured into the drainage system of a home or commercial property.

A powerful jet of water is then used to clean the inside of the drainage network to free up any slime or debris that has built up and wash in to the sewer.

Once the jetting service has been applied to the whole drainage network your mind can be put at ease knowing that your home appliances are fully functional and no unexpected blockages should appear in the near future.

All our drain jetting services are available to the community in Croydon, if you’d like to know more about our drain jetting services please contact us today.

Drain Rodding
Drain rodding is an effective and traditional method for unblocking clogs within a drainage system the rod its self is made of a flexible strong material so that it may flex as it travel around the bends within a drainage system.

All Drain rodding services are designed to remove blockages mainly using a rod, by pushing the rod into the system it allows us to poke at the blockage to try and free it from the walls of the drainage pipe.

Once the clog has been forced further into the system the drainage system will be flushed with water to ensure that the treat of the blockage returning is no more.

All rods are fitted with a camera to inspect the blockage before and after work has been carried out to ensure the work carried out was satisfactory

CCTV Drain Surveys
When we carry out repairs on cracked or damaged drains we first inspect it using a CCTV drain survey which relays all the images back to our mobile van unit so we can check for damages.

If the drain is damaged we will use our drain lining technology so we don’t have to excavate in order to repair the drain.

This method of drainage repair is a lot quick and much more cost effective so our customers save money.

Any survey we produce will be sufficient for a home buyer to provide to a mortgage broker and will also satisfy the the home insurance brokers, which could result in cheaper home insurance.

Any findings will also be sent over the water company or home owner who owns or manages the drainage systems, to ensure a drainage engineer is sent to fix the problem right away.

All surveys undertaken are done so by professionals and approved by the NADC.

Drain Relining
Drain Relining is used when a pipe or drainage system has become damaged which can be used by multiple factors, firstly the drainage system will need to be cleaned and remove any debris or slime

If the drain pipe has collapsed we may be unable to reline the pipe due to the lining not been able to stick to a surface.

Lining a drainage system is a cost effective solution with no dig technology which create a seamless seal from end to end.

This process doesn’t take long and once the lining takes effect and begins stick to the surface of the of the current drainage pipe it will start to go off, will create a seamless seal.

Water Exaction Services
If the drain has already backed up, do not worry we have the equipment to remove all types of water with our waste water removal services.

Once the water is removed we can then start to tackle the blockage its self and dispose of the waste using environmentally friendly methods approved by the NADC.

We are also able to empty septic tanks and dispose of the waste in the same environmentally friendly methods.

General Plumbing Services
Undertaking all types of domestic and commercial plumbing jobs Detection Drain Services are fully qualified to fix all related jobs to plumbing. All our engineers are fully qualified to participate in general plumbing by industry.

All types of plumbing services are provided by Detection Drain Services in both domestic and commercial use.

Such as;

Blocked Sinks
Waste pipe replacements
Water Leaks
Detection Drain Services are waiting for our call today, we are dedicated to giving our customers the best services possible in Croydon.

Common Causes of Blocked Drains
There are lots of common problems that cause drains to block and unblocking them isn’t always a simple procedure.

Here are some of the common causes:

Tree roots have crushed the main drainage system causing it to collapse
Debris such as leaves, branches, mud and stones can get lodged making it harder for waste to pass by, causing a slow build up in sewage eventually leading to a blockage
Grease and fat can build up if not disposed of properly, pouring grease down your sink can not only lead to a blocked drain but also a blocked sink.
There are many other reasons which could cause a drain to block up such as a rat may have abandoned its nest which has caused waste to build up in the system.
Need an Emergency Engineer?
Detection Drain Services offers a 1 hour call out time, we will aim to get our engineers to your home within the hour and resolve your problem the same day, any time of the day or night we are available to resolve your issues.

Contacting Detection Drain Services
Contact us today by using our contact form or for more serious enquires where you drain need immediate attention you can call us directly on our Freephone number 0800 328 3566.

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“Very efficient. Could not fault the service. Highly recommend this company.”
“Very efficient. Could not fault the service. Highly recommend this company.”
“Dale was very efficient and we are very pleased with the work he carried out for us.”

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Contact Us Tel: 01342 821007
Tel: 0800 328 3566

Detection Drain Services Ltd

18 Hillside Close
East Grinstead
West Sussex
RH19 2DW

VAT Number: 941-2486-26
Company Number: 06734311
Registered In England and Wales

We Accept:

Call us for free on 0800 328 3566

Contact Us Tel: 01342 821007
Tel: 0800 328 3566

Detection Drain Services Ltd

18 Hillside Close
East Grinstead
West Sussex
RH19 2DW

VAT Number: 941-2486-26 Company Number: 06734311 Registered In England and Wales

We Accept:

Call us for free on 0800 328 3566