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      Home Buyers Drain Surveys

      Are you looking for a home buyers drain survey which identifies a drains health prior to property purchase?

      Welcome to Detection Drain Services Ltd, the UK’s leading plumbing and drainage service operating around Brighton and the surrounding areas.

      Here at Detection Drain Services Ltd, we’re constantly investing in the latest drain maintenance and drain repair technologies and equipment to ensure we’re always available to do the best job for you.

      For more information on our Home Buyers Drain Surveys, contact us direct on 0800 328 3566 or 01342 821 007 alternatively you can email us on enquiries info@detectiondrainservices.co.uk .

      What is a Home Buyers Drain Survey in Brighton?

      A home buyers drain survey, or a pre-purchase drain survey is where you hire professional drainage contractors to identify any possible drainage issues prior to purchasing a home or property.

      It’s important a buyer invests in a drain survey to ensure the property being purchased is in full working order before payment is processed and documents are signed.

      Although this often remains beside many prospective home owners attentions, this is hugely important when purchasing a home to ensure you’re not faced with any drainage horror stories once you’ve taken up residency in your new home.

      Common problems identified when carrying out a home buyers drain survey include: pipe fractures, leakages, root intrusions, blockages, and sometimes underground drain collapses.

      How is a Home Buyers Drain Survey performed?

      This type of survey is performed using state of the art equipment to ensure complete accuracy with Detection Drain Services Ltd.

      We lower one of our high resolution CCTV Drain surveying camera’s into the external pipes of your home inspecting any possible issues your drains are encountering. This information is fed from our closed-circuit CCTV cameras and into our screens in our top of the range work vans where we’re able to identify drain issues.

      Any evidence we can see of blockages, cracks or other issues are very simple to discover.

      About CCTV Drain Surveys

      CCTV Drain Surveys are time efficient and can often take no more than a couple of hours to complete. Any blockages found can often be rectified there and then which saves you from having to make yourself available for another appointment.

      Our advanced drainage technology allows us the luxury of being able to unveil a number of hazards found in drainage pipes and we can usually have these fixed within one hour after drain issues are identified.

      The Advantages of Home Buyer Drain Surveys

      Home Buyer Drain Surveys are often an imperative requirement from mortgage lenders. Here at Detection Drain Services Ltd, we ensure your drains are tip top and present you with a report to hand over to your mortgage lender: which makes life easier for you.

      Home Buyer Drain Surveys also allow us to identify the exact location of a problem which allows us to rectify this issue quickly and efficiently. This saves the customer money as time costs are low.

      The most advantageous feature of a Home Buyer Drain Survey is, any issues found in a properties drainage system must be paid for by the existing property owner.

      A home buyers drainage survey is there to give you piece of mind with the main objective being to make sure all your drains are in perfect condition. The information contained through our reports should give any potential property buyers an educated judgement on any extra money that may need to be spent and if so, the exact amount which could change your mind as to whether you wish to proceed with your purchase or give you good ground to negotiate the asking price.

      With the UK national average family home costing around £150,000,00 and the complete cost for a home buyers drainage survey with Detection Drain Services Ltd being a fraction of this price could well be the best decision you make before committing to buy your new home. This saves you stress of purchasing a property and encountering future, preventable issues.

      Neglecting your drainage system can grow into a health hazard as well as giving off bad smells, left untreated can end up running your fixing costs well into the thousands.

      Save yourself time, money and hassle by taking advantage of our home buyer’s drainage survey today.  Have peace of mind by knowing your future home has a free flowing drainage system.

      For more information on our home buyer’s drainage survey in Brighton, contact a member of our friendly team on 0800 328 3566. or 01342 821 007

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