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      Cesspits and Cesspools Brighton

      Cesspits and Cesspools Brighton

      Drain Detection Service has everything it takes to provide a broad range of efficient cesspit and cesspool cleaning, repairs and emptying in Brighton. The company utilises the latest technology, has a highly trained, professional team that will easily and quickly diagnose any cesspit issue before implementing a working solution. Considering that a cesspool has no outlet, and hence everything that finds its way into it remains there, you need a highly specialised, fully trained and licensed service provider of the caliper of Drain Detection Service to handle it.


      1. Emptying

      A cesspit is an underground tank that collects sewage and wastewater, mainly acting as a temporary holding area. Depending on the nature of your building, the size of the reservoir, and the number of persons occupying the building, the cesspit and cesspool require emptying regularly, either annually, quarterly or monthly. Drain Detection Service has been providing services to buildings for a long time now; performing a regular inspection to ensure the systems are in perfect working conditions.

      2. Cleaning

      Cesspool and cesspits have to be cleaned by experts every time they are emptied to maintain its functionality and make it last long. Failing to clean your cesspit poses health risks not only to the occupants of the building but also to the ecological balance of the surrounding environment. So, hire the services of qualified and licensed Drain Detection Service to take care of your cesspit in Brighton and uphold the health of your tenants or family members.

      3. Repairs

      You will know your cesspool needs repair if it requires emptying the tank more frequently than usual. If you also notice that your sinks are gurgling or that your toilets are slower to flush. These signs do not imply your tank is damaged; have it checked by an expert. Unless you have the necessary skills, you shouldn’t attempt to repair a faulty cesspool because without the necessary know-how, you may end up worsening the problem thereby necessitating even costlier repairs. Trained and seasoned Drain Detection Service personnel have the necessary expertise to know what exactly should be done to reinstate your cesspit into proper functioning.


      Cesspools play a crucial role in our lives. The fact they do not have an outlet means that you should not overlook any problem, regardless of how trivial it appears. Make sure you hire the services of a qualified technician to empty and clean regularly. If you notice any problem in your cesspool system in Brighton, contact Drain Detection Service professionals, and they will fix it right the first time.

      For information on cesspit and cesspool cleaning, emptying and repairs in Brighton, please contact a member of the Detection Drain Services team on 0800 328 3566.

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