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      Drain Relining

      Drain Relining Services in Brighton

      Drain relining in Brighton is a cost effective and easy way to repair a broken drain. But that’s if the pipe is still intact so we can carry out drain relining on the pipe. We use drain relining in Brighton when excavating is very hard to do in a small area or when it would be too expensive to excavate. This type of repair is usually used for cracked drains, or tree root damage.

      How we carry out Drain Relining in Brighton

      First thing we do is place a liner into what we call a flat felt tube, when then put an epoxy resin into the liner which then soaks into the felt. This is then inserted into the damaged drainage system at the point where the drain pipe is most damaged. After it has reached its destination we then inflate the tube using only water and air, it then pushes outwards against the old drain to seal the damage or cracks. The tube will remain in the drain until the resin has completely dry, once it is dry we then remove the tube leaving the old pipe with a new pipe inside of it. It is watertight so there will be no further leaks.

      If you have been having drain problems in Brighton, and  you suspect that your drain is leaking. Then contact us today on : 0800 328 3566 and we will help repair your drain in Brighton and the surrounding areas.

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