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      Drain Moling Brighton

      Drain Moling Brighton – Trenchless Pipe Replacement


      Detection Drain Services can help you today!. With the latest trenchless no dig technology, we can lay new drainage pipes. Our drain moling technique allows us to install new drainage systems without much disruption to your property.


      What is drain moling Brighton?


      Drain moling is a method in which we lay drainage pipes underground without the need for excavating. We dig a small entrance hole which then we insert the drain moling machine into which then begins to burrow a perfect bore through the ground placing brand new drainage pipes as it goes along.


      Friendly Drain Moling For the Environment.


      Drain moles are suitable for all different types of terrain. They can be used in silt, clay and soil. The mole will move and displace the ground with its mechanical arms, making this a handy piece of kit for environmentally friendly areas.


      Hardly any Disruption


      For the drain moling Brighton to be done. Two small holes are dug one at the start of the mole and one at the end for the end of the newer drainage pipe. The moling can make a burrow of up to 20m which is great as a lot less digging is required.



      The drain moling technique can be used to replace old and damaged drain pipes. The mole can be utilised under driveways, paths and gardens. Drain moling Brighton can provide moling in industrial sites such as private and public areas, roads, golf courses, railways and even car parks.


      Moling is cost effective. It doesn’t require much equipment, unlike first trench digging technologies and methods. It has fast speed and can effectively get the job done quicker. Saving our customers a lot of money.


      Detection Drain Services can help with our team of highly trained technicians. We aim to satisfy all of our customer’s needs. Do you require drain moling Brighton? Why not give us a call today on: 0800 328 3566








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