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      High Pressure Water Jetting

      water jettingDetection Drain Services Ltd offer services in high pressure water jetting in Brighton using state of the art equipment which gives us that competitive edge. We’re able to clear any drain blockage issues, clean drains, and clean concrete surfaces with ease using our high pressure water jetting systems.

      Here at Detection Drain Services Ltd, we believe how ensuring we invest in the best equipment available translates to us being able to do the best job for you and our local area.

      Are you looking for high pressure water jetting and hydro cleaning services? Contact Detection Drain Services Ltd for great value water jetting services today. Our excellent services are available throughout Brighton and the surrounding areas. Contact us today on 0800 328 3566 or 01342 821 007 for free quotes and advice.

      Common areas of the Domestic Environment that Benefit from Water Jetting


      Your Kitchen is the area of your home where food wastage passes through daily. This naturally causes a direct impact on your drains health as a build-up of food waste in pipes cause your drains to clog.

      sing drainageHigh pressure water jetting in Brighton is an efficient way of forcing blockages through your drain pipes until they filter water clearly and efficiently which ensures your drainage systems are working just as they should.


      Bathrooms are another common area of the home which suffers from drain blockages.

      Hair, soap scum, baby wipes and toilet paper blockages are common blockage causes throughout the UK.

      This issue is a common occurrence and can be easily rectified with the use of our state of the art high pressure water jetting services which work in resolving these issues while preventing these issues from worsening.

      This technique can be used for various other drain maintenance and repair activity. If you think you’re in need of high pressure water jetting services in Brighton or the surrounding areas: contact a member of Detection Drain Services Ltd today on 0800 328 3566. or 01342 821 007

      About Us

      Here at Detection Drain Services Ltd we pride ourselves in having top of the line industry equipment to assure we do only the best job for our customers.

      Our High pressure water jetting unit has multiple uses which makes it an extremely handy machine which can be utilised in many ways. Our high pressure water jetting machines can also be used for many types of cleaning applications where many other methods have failed.

      Our jetting units use just water which means no chemicals – non-abrasive and no blasting or burning which means this service is a completely safe, cost effective cleaning method.

      There are many different uses for our High pressure water jetting units such as Drain flushing and Drain cleaning, Tank cleaning, Hull cleaning, Marine growth removal, Concrete preparation, Concrete removal, Road marking removal, white line removal, Offshore maintenance, Grease removal, Returning surfaces to bright metal, Hygienic food processing component cleaning.

      If you have a drain that’s blocked and would benefit from jetting; or perhaps you have a surface that is lined with grime, grease or any other stubborn growth or staining then our High pressure water jetting unit is definitely the equipment you need for the job. At the height of customer satisfaction, our fully trained and expert qualified engineers are sure to get the work done to the highest of standards. Afterall, our motto is to leave a happy customer: and a happier drain.

      For more information on our bespoke, quality service, why not contact us today and let us help you.

      Tel: 0800 328 3566
      Out of Hours: 01342 821 007

      Email: info@detectiondrainservices.co.uk

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