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      Why should I have my Lead Pipe Replaced?


      People ask many questions and one of the most common questions that gets asked is why should they have their lead pipe replaced. There is a lot of different reason to get a lead pipe replaced in Brighton or the surrounding areas. Some of the following can include poor water flow and pressure, contaminated water full of lead, constant repairs as lead piping is weak and causing leaks, problems with water supplies and in worse cases no water at all.

      We at Detection Drain Services Ltd can replace your lead pipe which will provide better flowing water, none contaminated water and best of all an increase in water pressure. We can also provide lead pipe repair work for leaks and cracks using our drain relining we are able to make a water tight seal inside of the lead piping, preventing leaks and increasing flow of water.

      Detection Drain Services Ltd can carry out CCTV drain surveys in Brighton on lead piping if you are unsure if you have lead piping we can confirm this for you.

      Having lead pipes to your business or home can seriously affect your health and the health of your family.

      Here at Detection Drain Services Ltd we have all the services we can carry out the following to help protect you.

      • Lead Pipe Replacement

      • Lead Water Pipe Replacement

      • Lead Pipe Repair Leak

      • We can provide help and advice regarding the Lead Pipe Replacement Scheme.

      • Carry out lead pipe leakage repair

      • Provide lead pipe replacement cost effective options to deal with the problem.



      Our technicians will come to you and inspect your piping to check for lead pipes. If a lead pipe is located we then give you a quote on how much it will cost to have it replaced with something more safe. We then excavate the area and remove the lead piping. Once the lead piping is removed we then fit a new alternative piping system. When the installation is complete we test the system to make sure it is fully working and that our customer is fully satisfied with the work carried out. All of our team are fully trained and ensured to carry out work on lead piping and we always put our customers first.

      Like to discuss with us about getting lead pipe replacements in Brighton?. Why not give us a call for FREE on: 0800 328 3566 and we can help you no matter what the problem is. If you cannot reach us by phone you can send us a quick email at : info@detectiondrainservices.co.uk and we will give you a call back.


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