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      Manhole Inspections

      Manhole Inspections Brighton – Get your Manhole Inspected Today By Professional Drainage Experts.

      Manholes are essential they provide direct access to the drainage system below.  In rare cases sometimes manhole keys may become missed places or lost or the cover has become old and damaged. Detection Drain Services Ltd can use different methods and techniques to access the drains.

      When carrying out a manhole inspections Brighton Health and safety is the most important. Old manhole covers can rust and become stuck. This is where hammers come in which can cause risk of injures or trapped fingers. Once we have successfully removed the cover we then isolate the surrounding areas using barriers.

      We then inspect the inside of the man hole and the drainage system using our CCTV system. Once we have completed our CCTV drain survey we will refit new hinges and replace the manhole cover with a new one.

      We know the importance of working in an area that is confined that can cause a variety of hazards. Because things can change rapidly we make sure that health and safety come first. All of our technicians are highly trained, confident and comfortable when working in manholes.

      We can carry out manhole inspections Brighton and the surrounding areas for any customers. The report supplied will contain digital video and photos including a detailed report of the inspection. So you understand the condition of the manhole chamber and the drainage system.

      If you require help or a manhole inspections Brighton then give Detection Drain Services Ltd a call today on : 0800 328 3566.


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