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      Pitch Fibre Repairs

      Pitch Fibre Repairs Brighton – Repair Broken Drains


      Pitch fibre was a material used for repairing drains back in the 50s to the late 70s. It is known to have a lifespan of up to 40 years. Many problems can occur with this type of drainage systems.


      • Age deterioration, erosion, being fitted poorly, stress from weight.


      • Blistering to the internal structure of the pipe this can cause blockages.


      • Overtime pitch fibre can attract shrubs and the growth of tree roots which cause damage to the drainage system.


      • Because pitch fibre can be very weak due to its age. Using new technologies such as high pressure water jetting can actually cause more damage than good.


      Detection Drain Services can deal with all the problems listed above, we can even inspect the drainage system using CCTV to check whether or not your have a pitch fibre drain piping. We can fix any damage done to the pitch fibre by carrying out drain relining this will help keep the pipework strong and leak free. It is a fast and effective way to repair an outdated system without the need for full drainage systems replacement.


      For information on pitch fibre repairs brighton and costs, please contact a member of the Detection Drain Services team on 0800 328 3566.


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