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Drain excavations are sometimes required as a final resort in order to restore any kind of drainage system to full working order. Most of the time, alternative drain repair services (such as relining or clearing) will be enough to resolve your issues. However, a drainage system which has been seriously damaged, or has suffered extensive tree root intrusion, may require drain excavation.

A drain excavation is a serious project. It can cause a great deal of disruption to any property and, as such, we will normally try other methods before excavating the drain. If the damage is so serious that an excavation is essential, our experienced team will work to complete the project as quickly as possible.

Here at Detection Drain Services, our experienced team can provide complete drain excavation services for a full range of properties. In the past, we’ve worked on domestic, commercial and industrial systems to repair all kinds of damage. We can deliver a full range of replacement and repair services as required.

What is A Drain Excavation?

An excavation for your drainage system is exactly what it sounds like. Our drainage specialists will dig up the system. This can be conducted in a specific area of the drainage system or at all accessible parts of the sewer pipes. It is rare that an entire drainage system will need to be excavated.

Here at DDS, we will begin our investigation with reliable CCTV drain surveys. This will allow us to identify all the issues your drains are suffering from, and how severe they are. From there, we will be able to understand which parts of your drains need to be excavated.

If your pipes or connections are damaged beyond repair, they will often need to be replaced. The only effective way of replacing damaged components is to carry out drain excavation. This will allow our experienced team to access the damaged parts of your system directly.

Potential Issues Which Require Drain Excavation

As excavation is such a serious project to conduct on your property’s drainage, it will only be used to treat the most harmful issues. Thanks to advances in technology, most problems and damages can be repaired through other techniques. Once a pipe collapses, becomes disconnected, or suffers serious damage, excavation will be essential.

Some of the serious issues which will require the excavation of your property’s drains can include:

  • Pipe Collapses – These issues will often be caused by changes in system pressure. It is also possible for nearby groundworks to cause the earth to shift, placing additional weight on various parts of the system.
  • Tree Root Intrusion – In some cases, the intrusion of a tree root into your drains can cause serious blockages and long-term damage. These blockages, if left untreated, can become impossible to clear with conventional means. As such, the entire pipe may need to be excavated and cleared/repaired. In most cases, it is simply easier to replace the damaged components.

Choose Detection Drain Services for Drain Excavation in Brighton

If your property’s drainage system has suffered serious damages, get in touch with our experienced team today. Here at DDS, our drainage specialists have spent years resolving all manner of issues with domestic, commercial and industrial systems. We utilise the latest, industry-leading technology to identify issues with any drainage system.

Using CCTV drain surveys, we will identify the damaged components of your system. If possible, we will deliver in-situ repairs. In some cases, drain lining and clearing services will not be enough to restore your drains. Drain excavation is a time-consuming, disruptive and often costly solution to drainage issues – however, it is also the only practical choice for serious system issues.

Thanks to the experienced team at DDS, you’ll be able to restore y our property’s drains to full working order. We can deliver reliable excavation services to both mains sewer line connections and septic tank/cesspit systems. Our team can deliver complete repair or replacement of any kind of damaged drains and pipes in your system.

Industry-Leading Drain Excavations for Properties in Brighton

Whether you’re looking for a reliable team to resolve issues with your domestic, commercial or industrial drainage systems, get in touch with our team today. Our drainage specialists deliver a comprehensive service, from the initial diagnosis to replacing your property’s turf following the excavation.

Our fully-trained and skilled staff can help you to tackle any drainage issues as quickly and professionally as possible. For more information, don’t hesitate to call our experienced team today. You can reach us directly by calling us on 0800 328 3566. You can also send any questions or concerns that you might have through our simple online contact form or email us directly at info@detectiondrainservices.co.uk, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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