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      Water Pipe Replacement

      Brighton Water Pipe Replacement


      Detection Drain Services Ltd can replace water pipes in Brighton and the surrounding areas. When we carry out CCTV drain surveys to find a pipe is fully damaged beyond repair our next approach would be to replace the damaged water pipe. Sometimes to get down to the route cause of the problem with the water pipe. We have to carry out an excavation. First we dig a trench along where the main water pipe is running. Once we gain access to the water pipe we are then able to fully see the extent of the damage. We can now removed any damaged water pipes and replace them with brand new ones. The system is fully tested and checked with our CCTV drain survey before we close the trench back up. Giving flow back to the water mains and preventing future problems.

      We can provide the following services to businesses and homeowners in Brighton:


      • Water pipe repair

      • Water pipe leak repair

      • Water pipe leakage repair

      • Competitive water pipe replacement cost

      • Mains water pipe replacement

      • Burst water main repairs

      • Leak detection and fault finding

      • Excavations of water pipes and repairs

      • Mains water servicing and maintenance

      • Water main relining


      Working will all the latest technology and experience we can carry out any work on water pipes and drainage. We follow the health and safety guidelines and we are fully insured to carry out work on homes, public areas, highways, business and local authorities. Our technicians can provide an extensive knowledge in water repairs have good relationships with our current clients and past clients. We at Detection Drain Services Ltd take pride in providing excellent customer service as well as ensuring that we meet all of our clients expectations in the most cost effective way.

      If you require help or advice with your water mains problems in Brighton. Contact Detection Drain Services Ltd and we will be more than happy to help discuss the problem further and work out the best solution for you. Call today on : 0800 328 3566 or email us at : info@detectiondrainservices.co.uk


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