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During the colder months of the year, it is possible for the harsh weather conditions to place increased stress on your drainage system. Torrential rains, a bitter wind and the build-up of ice can all lead to serious drainage issues. Although the chance of damage to your drains is increased throughout the winter, it is possible for your drains to sustain damage throughout the year. If you’ve suffered blocked drains in Bromley, get in touch with the experienced team at Detection Drain Services.

Clearing Blocked Drains in Bromley

Here at Detection Drain Services, we can provide a complete range of services to suit your needs. Our experienced drainage experts can work with you to identify and clear any blockages within your system. In addition to drain unblocking, we can also provide power drain cleaning in Bromley and the surrounding areas to help you reduce the risk of your drains becoming blocked in future.

Our experienced team of plumbers and drainage experts can identify the cause of your drain blockages. From there, we can break the blockage apart and allow your system to work as intended. For a reliable team to clear your blocked drains in Bromley, get in touch with DDS today.


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Do you have a serious problems with blocked drains in Bromley and the surrounding areas? Thanks to our rapid, 30 minute response time, the DDS team can provide same-day drain unblocking in Bromley!

Water Jetting for Drain Unblocking in Bromley

Sometimes, a blocked drain can be incredibly difficult to eliminate. Using our industry-leading high-pressure water-jetting system, we can overcome otherwise inaccessible and difficult to clear blockages. Our drainage engineers can eliminate even the most stubborn of drain blockages thanks to our high-pressure water-jetting.

Our water-jetting engineers will force a high volume of water into your drains at a high pressure. The force of this water will break the blockage apart. Whether your drain is being blocked by food waste, human waste, FOG waste or any combination of the three, water-jetting can quickly and easily eliminate the blockage. Our drainage engineers are fully-trained to carry out all drain unblocking using our specialist equipment. Whatever kind of blocked drains in Bromley you’re struggling with, our team is here for you.

Tree Root Blockages

In some cases, tree roots can enter your drainage system. These roots can quickly grow and cause serious problems if left untreated. Tree root damage can lead to a range of issues, including:

  • Cracked Drains.
  • Drain Collapses.
  • Immoveable Blockages.

If tree roots have grown into your drainage system, you need to get in touch with a professional team today. Here at Detection Drain Services, we can identify the exact location of your tree root intrusion. Where possible, we will remove the root and carry out drain relining to restore your system to full working order. In some cases, the drain pipe may require complete replacement, but we will try to avoid this wherever possible.

CCTV Drain Surveys Bromley

Thanks to our industry-leading equipment, we can carry out CCTV drain surveys in Bromley and the surrounding areas. Our small, easily-manoeuvrable cameras can identify blockages of all kinds. Our drainage experts can use this equipment to understand what is causing the blockage within your system. Whether you’re suffering due to tree root intrusions, collapsed drains or simply man-made blockages, we are here to help.

Professional Drain Repairs in Bromley

Here at Detection Drain Services, we can provide reliable drain repairs in the Bromley area. Our drainage engineers can quickly and easily identify all kinds of drain pipe issues, and ensure that they are repaired as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Whether your drainage system requires drain lining or any other form of repair services following a drain blockage in Bromley, we are here for you.

Call Detection Drain Services to Deal with Blocked Drains in Bromley

Here at Detection Drain Services, our experienced team can clear blocked drains in Bromley. Whether you’re looking for an experienced team of engineers to clear your blocked drains, or you require professional drain repairs, we are here for you. Simply call our drainage experts today on 0800 328 3566 for professional drain clearance in Bromley and the surrounding areas. If you prefer, you can use our simple online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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