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Here at Detection Drain Services, we have years’ of experience in clearing blocked drains in Crowborough at many different domestic and commercial properties in the area. If you are struggling with blocked drains in Crowborough, we are here for you.

Drain repairs and clearing blockages can be a quick and effective solution to restore your drainage system. However, if left alone, what was once a small blockage can become much more severe and lead to costly repairs and serious structural damage to your property. Don’t leave it to chance. Contact our team of drainage specialists today for friendly, no obligation advice. 

At Detection Drain Services, we have the experience, skills and access to industry-leading technology to effectively diagnose drain blockages and clear them effectively. Our team are happy to make expert recommendations so that you’re able to ensure that you do not encounter the same problem again and if you do, how to deal with it to avoid any unnecessary damage and expense. From CCTV drain surveys, to clearing blocked drains, to drain repairs, there is no job too big or small.

For professional, affordable clearance of blocked drains in Crowborough, get in touch with our specialist team at Detection Drain Services today. 


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Here at Detection Drain Services, we have cleared a large number of blockages in drains and pipes at domestic and commercial properties. Don’t worry if you don’t know what your blockage is or where it is located, as that’s how we can help. We can identify blockages in drains, clear blocked drains in Crowborough and offer affordable, reliable repairs where appropriate. 

How Do I Know If I Have Blocked Drains In Crowborough?

Usually, you will know if your property has a blockage because there are common, tell-tale symptoms that are directly associated with blocked drains, which can include but are not limited to:

  • Slow to Clear Drains
  • Gurgling Sounds 
  • Unpleasant Smells 
  • Flooding 
  • Overflowing 

How Will DDS Clear Blocked Drains in Crowborough?

Here at DDS, we can provide you with a complete service to eliminate a wide range of drain blockages. In normal circumstances, we would begin by performing a comprehensive CCTV drain survey to determine the cause and position of the blockage in your drains. Once complete, we use our knowledge, skill and equipment to clear your blocked drains in Crowborough in the most effective way, which may include: 

High-Pressure Water Jetting

High-pressure water jetting is a common method for clearing blocked drains. This process involves forcing water into your drains at high pressure to dislodge the problem blockage. 

Drain Rodding

In addition to jetting, we also offer drain rodding to clear blocked drains. To manually remove a blockage, our engineers insert drain rods into your drainage system to physically break the blockage. 

What are CCTV Drain Surveys in Crowborough Used For?

In order to identify the blockage in your drainage system, it’s important that we first carry out a CCTV Drain Survey in Crowborough. This process involves inserting a camera into your drainage system to view in real-time any damage or blockages within your drains. In fact, CCTV drain surveys aren’t only suitable for identifying blockages, they can also be used to investigate other potential problems including but not limited to:

  • Damaged Drains.
  • Drain Collapses.
  • Loose Connections.
  • Tree Root Intrusion.

Professional Drain Repairs in Crowborough

Blockages in pipes and drain can sometimes lead to damage which requires professional repairs. Here at Detection Drain Services, we also offer drain repairs in Crowborough so that we are able to provide our customers with a complete service for drainage. Drain repairs can be necessary when damage has occurred as the result of a blockage or other common problem, such as rodent infestation or tree root intrusions. The extent of damage to drain pipes will of course range dependent on the severity of the initial issue. However, damage can be effectively assessed via a CCTV drain survey so that our engineers can recommend the correct course of drain repairs. 

Our team are fully trained and insured to repair all sorts of damage to drainage systems, including replacements for pipes that are in a state of disrepair. However, we will be sure to source alternative solutions where possible. For instance, in some cases pipes can be relined rather than replaced which can save you time and of course, expense. Here at DDS, we always try to ensure that our drain repairs remain to be as cost-effective as possible. Of course, we will always ensure that our quote is approved before performing any repairs. 

If you believe that your system requires drain repairs in Crowborough, or blocked drains have resulted in damage that needs to be fixed, please feel free to speak to our team for professional recommendations. 


If you are suffering from blocked drains in Crowborough, we are here for you. At Detection Drain Services, our experienced team have the skills and resources to effectively clear drain blockages to restore your drainage system back to full working order. For more information, or to request a free callout and assessment of your blocked drains, please contact us today.

You can reach our drainage specialists by calling directly on 0800 193 1383 or alternatively, please fill in the online contact form and we will be in touch to assist you with your enquiry as soon as possible.


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