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Blocked Drains Tunbridge Wells

We Clear Blocked Drains in Tunbridge Wells

Over the years, the experienced team at Detection Drain Services have worked to deliver a complete range of drain clearance solutions. If you’re suffering from any kind of blocked drains in Tunbridge Wells, get in touch with our experienced team today.

If you fail to deal with any kind of drain blockage in a quick and timely fashion, you could subject your property to a range of issues.

All kinds of properties can be vulnerable to drain blockages. This can include domestic, commercial and industrial buildings. Ignoring the signs of a drain blockage can lead to serious structural damage and require costly repairs.

As such, you need to get in touch with the experienced team at DDS as soon as possible who can clear your blocked drains in Tunbridge Wells both safely and professionally. 


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Blocked Drains Tunbridge Wells

0800 193 1383

Professional Clearance of Blocked Drains in Tunbridge Wells 

Here at Detection Drain Services, our experienced team have worked to deliver a complete range of drain unblocking solutions. We can help you to identify the precise location and composition of the blockage. This means we will be able to provide a comprehensive clearance service of your drains, no matter what the problem is.

If you’ve started to suffer any noticeable issues with your drains, get in touch today. Our professional team will take it from there and help you to eliminate any issues with your drains.

When Will I Need Drain Unblocking in Tunbridge Wells?

In most cases, your property will tell you if it is suffering from any kind of blockage. There are many different symptoms which a blockage can cause to your property. These can include:

  • Gurgling Sounds and Unpleasant Smells – When waste becomes trapped in your drains, it can lead to an unpleasant environment. Gurgling sounds when sinks, shower or baths drain are common for partial blockages. Similarly, unpleasant and sulphuric smells are a common issue.
  • Slow to Empty Drains – If your property’s drains are slow to clear, then this is a sign of a partial blockage. The operating width of your pipes will be reduced whenever there is a blockage. This will reduce the space that the waste and water have to move through the pipe, making the drainage process take much longer.
  • Flooding and Backwash – In the case of serious partial or full blockages, the waste and water can flow backwards up the pipe. This will be due to rising pressure in the pipes’ limited space. This can cause flooding across your property, particularly from external drains. This flooding can even occur internally, as waste and water is forced back up your drains and exits via Toilet Bowls, Sinks, Shower and Bath Drains.
  • Flooding – In the most serious circumstances, it is possible for blocked drains in Crawley to cause your property to flood. If you notice flooding, or standing water, around your external drains then you might be suffering from a blockage.


Do you have a problem with blockages, overflows or floods? With our rapid 30 minute response time, we’ll help you get back on track!

How Can DDS Eliminate Blocked Drains in Tunbridge Wells?

One of the reasons that the DDS team are able to eliminate all kinds of drain blockages is that we provide a complete service. We will help you to know where the blockage is located. We can also help you to understand how the blockage came into existence in the first place. This will help you to prevent it reappearing in the near future.

We can provide a comprehensive, industry-leading service to all kinds of properties in Tunbridge Wells. We can deliver drain unblocking services to commercial, domestic and industrial properties of all kinds.

Specialist CCTV Drain Surveys in Tunbridge Wells

Here at Detection Drain Services, we begin our complete drain unblocking service with a dedicated CCTV drain survey. This essential feature will allow us to investigate your drains in great detail. As such, we can identify the location and composition of any blockage before we begin to unblock the drain. This will allow us to identify which unblocking method is the most effective when it comes to eliminate your specific blockage.

In addition to studying the blockage itself, we will also be able to identify any damage your pipes have suffered. This can include:

  • Collapsed Pipes.
  • Cracks and Fractures.
  • Tree Root Intrusions.
  • Loose Connections.
  • Signs of Vermin Infestation.

Drain Unblocking in Tunbridge Wells

Once we understand the exact location and composition of your blockage, we will be able to eliminate it. We can utilise a variety of industry techniques to break any blockage apart. These can include:

High-Pressure Water-Jetting

One of the most efficient ways of cleaning any drainage system is high-pressure water-jetting. This technique involves the forcing of a high volume of water into the drains at an extremely high-pressure. This will not only work to dislodge and break apart the blockage, it will also clean the rest of the system.

Drain Rodding

Our experienced engineers are able to dislodge blockages manually. Using drain rods, our experts will be able to access the blockage. Our team can then interact directly with the blockage, allowing us to break it apart. This will allow the blockage to be broken into movable pieces, which can then flow down your drain as normal.

Emergency Drain Clearance & Repairs in Tunbridge Wells 

Here at Detection Drain Services, we can deliver a wide range of unique drain clearance services. Whether you’re looking for an experienced team to clear your drains of blockages, or identify other potential problems, get in touch today.

Over the years, we’ve dealt with a wide range of blockages, including:

  • Fats, Oils and Greases (FOG Blockages).
  • Unsuitable Waste Obstructions.
  • Natural Blockages.

Professional Drain Lining & Drain Repairs in Tunbridge Wells 

At Detection Drain Services, we can quickly and effectively clear many common drain blockages. However, in some instances, blockages can be so serious that they can actually damage your drain pipes and drainage system. If this is the case, you will need to arrange for drain repairs in Tunbridge Wells. Drain repairs can range from anything to small fixes through to replacement drain pipes. Here at DDS, we are pleased to provide our customers will a complete selection of specialist drain repairs in Tunbridge Wells. Rest assured that if your drains have become damaged as a result of a blockage, we can offer timely, cost-effective repairs to restore your drainage system. 

For more information on our complete services, get in touch today. You can reach our experienced team by calling us on 0800 193 9973. You can also send any questions or concerns that you might have through our simple online contact form. We promise to get back to you as soon as we can.

0800 193 1383

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Blocked Drains Tunbridge Wells
Blocked Drains Tunbridge Wells


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