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High Pressure Water Jetting Brighton


Here at Detection Drain Services, we can provide high-pressure water-jetting in Brighton for commercial, domestic and industrial properties. Our experienced team utilise industry-leading equipment to deliver a full range of services for a complete range of systems. We can tackle any kind of drain blockages you might suffer from. Thanks to our high-pressure water-jetting equipment and expertise, we can eliminate blockages, clean drain and concrete surfaces with consummate ease.

Over the years, the DDS team has helped all kinds of properties to overcome serious blockages and drainage issues. Our state of the equipment means that we can clear even difficult blockages with consummate ease. Our professional team have many years of experience and are always equipped with the latest technologies to provide a truly unbeatable service.

If you’re looking for high-pressure water-jetting and hydro-cleaning services, get in touch with our experienced team today. Here at Detection Drain Services, we can work with you to identify the exact location of your drainage issues. We will clear blockages and clean your drains as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If you’re looking for free water-jetting quotes in Brighton, or even just information on dealing with blocked drains, don’t hesitate to get in touch today. You can reach the specialist team at DDS by calling either 0800 328 3566 or 01342 821 007.


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High Pressure Water Jetting Brighton

0800 193 1383


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There are many areas in your home which will be able to directly benefit from professional high-pressure water-jetting in Brighton. These are the areas which will often be the main cause of drain blockages in your home.

They can include:

Your kitchen’s drains are required to deal with a high volume of waste every day. This can include liquid waste and solid food waste. Cleaning substances, such as soap, can also contribute to blockages in kitchen drains. Some of the main contributors, however, are fats, oils and greases (FOGs).

Kitchen drain unblockingThanks to high-pressure water-jetting in Brighton, you’ll be able to eliminate all kinds of blockages in your kitchen drains. The high-pressure water will force the blockage to move through your drains pipes, until it is dislodged and disposed of. When this blockage is disposed of, your waste water will pass through cleanly and efficiently. This ensures that your drainage systems are working as they should.

Bathrooms are particularly vulnerable to blockages in their drains, often due to the presence of unsuitable materials. Occasionally, the mixture of toilet paper and human waste can cause unpleasant blockages. However, these aren’t usually too difficult to dislodge and dispose of.

The more serious blocked drains requiring high-pressure water-jetting are often caused by hair, soap scum and baby wipes. These can easily become compacted and create extremely difficult to remove blockages.

These issues are extremely common but can be difficult to deal with. Plungers and traditional drain cleaners will only work a small percentage of the time. Water-jetting services can break apart and dispose of blockages of all kinds.

If you’re looking for any kind of drain clearance for your domestic or commercial property, get in touch with our team today. If you’re in need of a high-pressure water-jetting service in Brighton, you can call us directly on 0800 328 3566. or 01342 821 007.

0800 193 1383

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High Pressure Water Jet Brighton

0800 193 1383


Here at Detection Drain Services, we pride ourselves on our experience and ability to deliver industry-leading drain clearance services. Our equipment isn’t just essential for dislodging blockages, it can be used to effectively clean your drains of any debris caught on the inner surface.

Our water-jetting equipment uses nothing more than water. That means no chemicals, creating a completely safe cleaning solution for all kinds of environments. These non-abrasive solutions will cause no blasting or burning inside the pipes. These safe, cost-effective cleaning solutions can be used in a wide range of domestic, commercial and industrial properties, where chemical-based cleaning solutions are unsuitable.

A Wide Range of High-Pressure Water-Jetting Services in Brighton

Here at Detection Drain Services, we can provide a full range of water-jetting services in Brighton to suit your needs.

Some of the essential drain cleaning and unblocking services that we can provide include:

Complete Drain Cleaning.
Drain Flushing.
Tank Cleaning.
Hull Cleaning.
Marine Growth Removal.
Concrete Treatment Preparation and Removal.
Road Marking and White Line Removals.
Offshore Maintenance and Cleaning.
Grease Removal.
Hygienic Food Processing Component Cleaning.

Whether you’re suffering from a blocked drain, or there’s a surface that would benefit from high-pressure water-jetting, get in touch today. We can work with you to effectively remove grime, grease and other stubborn growths. Our water-jetting solutions can also remove all kinds of stains from a variety of surfaces.

For High-Pressure Water-Jetting in Brighton, Choose DDS Today

Here at Detection Drain Services, we can help you to effectively clean all kinds of surfaces and eliminate blockages. Our experienced team of fully-trained and qualified drainage engineers are here for you. Combining our industry-leading equipment with many years’ experience, we can deliver an invaluable service to commercial, domestic and industrial properties.

For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today. You contact us directly on 0800 328 3566 or email us at info@detectiondrainservices.co.uk and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. For emergencies and out of hours calls, ring 01342 821 007 and our team will get there as soon as we can.

0800 193 1383

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High Pressure Water Jetting Brighton


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High Pressure Water Jetting Brighton
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