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If your home or business regularly suffers from waterlogging or regular flooding, you need to do something about it. By installing practical soakaways in East Grinstead, you’ll be able to eliminate this excess water and ensure that it is disposed of away from your property’s vulnerable areas. Here at Detection Drain Services, we specialise in the installation and long-term maintenance of soakaways for all kinds of properties.

If your property’s existing soakaway stops working effectively, then you need to get in touch with our team today. We can restore all soakaways in East Grinstead to complete working order. Our specialised team can clear waste and dirt from the drainage system, allowing water to freely pass through the soakaway.

If you’re looking for a practical solution to eliminate standing water, get in touch with our team today. Our drainage specialists have worked on a complete range of properties over the years, including domestic, commercial and industrial properties.


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    A soakaway is a hard-wearing drainage system which is designed to remove water from your property. They are practical solutions to all kinds of flooding, standing water and waterlogging.

    Soakaways are, essentially, holes which have been dug into the ground before being covered over with turf. They are filled with coarse stones and rubble, which create small spaces which are relatively free of soil and earth. These systems allow water to flow away from your property extremely quickly. The water itself will seep through the stone-filled hole, moving deeper and deeper into the earth.

    Our experienced team will create practical soakaways and drainage solutions which will cause water to move beneath your property. The excess water will move deep enough that it cannot have a negative effect on your building. Instead, it will be absorbed by soil that rarely gets fed by rainwater. As such, it will be soaked up quickly and safely.

    For the best results, you should always improve your soakaways system with a few drainage pipes. These pipes collect water from across your property, directing it away from your building and towards the soakaway. This can help to eliminate standing water, flooding and waterlogging across your property.

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    What are the Risks of Water Damage to My Property Without Soakaways?

    Without an effective soakaway, water can cause serious damage to your property. If your surrounding soil becomes waterlogged, it can result in long-term issues with your structural integrity. For example, some of the most common issues involving water across your property can include:

    • Foundation Damages – In the worst cases, waterlogging in your soil can cause serious damage to your foundations. As the water enters and exits your soil, it causes the soil to swell and shrink. This can cause your property’s foundations to shift, move and even break.
    • Damp and Mould – If water is allowed to remain around your property, it can easily cause damp and mould to develop. This can occur in vulnerable areas of your property, such as your cellar, basement or the corners of your home.

    Soakaways are a great way of eliminating the water which can cause these serious problems. These soakaways in East Grinstead can eliminate all standing water across your property.

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    Soakaways Brighton
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    Industry-Leading Soakaways Installation and Maintenance in East Grinstead

    The experienced team at DDS has spent many years installing and maintaining all manner of soakaways in East Grinstead. We specialise in helping domestic, commercial and industrial properties to eliminate all standing water and waterlogging. These issues can cause serious damage to all kinds of properties, including structural damage and long-term damage to the surrounding earth.

    Our experienced team have installed all kinds of soakaways in property’s across East Grinstead. We can install the soakaway itself, in addition to a complete system to transport water from across your grounds. We can also conduct all kinds of maintenance on your system, including:

    • Drain Cleaning Services.
    • Drain Pipe Repairs and Replacement.
    • Soakaways Clearing.
    • Soakaway Covering.

    Soakaways in East Grinstead are naturally hard-wearing systems. However, nearby groundworks can often damage these solutions through the shifting of the earth. As such, our experienced team are on standby to help you resolve these issues before they become serious problems across your home or business.


    Soakaways Brighton

    Choose DDS For Complete Soakaways in East Grinstead

    Here at DDS, we can provide a complete range of services. We can deliver industry-leading soakaways installation, in addition to maintenance for damaged soakaways in East Grinstead. We can deliver a complete range of unique soakaways solutions to help you eliminate standing water, flooding and waterlogging across your property. Thanks to our industry-leading services, this drainage solution will be invisible when covered, allowing you to maintain a stunning exterior design across your property.

    For more information on our wide range of soakaways cleaning, repairs, installation, maintenance and unblocking services, get in touch with our experienced team today. You can reach our drainage specialists today by calling us on 0800 328 3566. If you prefer, you can also use our simple online contact form and send us any questions you might have on our soakaways. You can also email us directly at info@detectiondrainservices.co.uk and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.