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Detection Drain Services are proud to be the leading independent drainage company in Crowborough. We have the ability to deliver a complete range of drainage services in Crowborough to commercial and domestic customers. Whether you need us to simply unblock a sink or repair collapsed drains we are here for you. Along with our drain unblocking and repair services our team can also carry out CCTV Drain Surveys. This allows us to get to the bottom of the most complex drainage issues quickly and efficiently. Get in touch to find out how our team at DDS can help.

We understand there is never an ideal time for your drains to malfunction. However, the problem can be more inconvenient if it occurs at night, weekend or on a bank holiday. This is the reason we offer customers a 24/7 365 day a year call out facility. This ensures irrespective of when your problem occurs our drainage experts are only a phone call away.

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Excellent response times mean our engineers will usually be with you in under an hour. Our use of modern tools and technology means our drainage engineers will generally resolve your issue first time. This ensures the time you are left without vital drainage services is kept to a minimum.

So, if you have an issue with the drains in your home or business we are here for you. As a trusted and reliable drainage company in Crowborough we offer our customers a quick affordable solution. So, to take advantage of our range of cost-effective drain unblocking and repair services in Crowborough call our team today, or email us at


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    Blocked Drains Crowborough

    Our drainage engineers have many years’ experience of clearing all manner of blocked drains in Crowborough. If you are struggling with blocked drains in your home or business we can help. Our drain unblocking services in Crowborough offer a quick and effective solution for restoring your drainage system. However, if left alone a small blockage can escalate leading to more serious damage requiring expensive repairs. Failure to clear blockages immediately can in more extreme cases cause structural damage to your property. So, if you suspect you have a blocked drain don’t hesitate, call our team for a free no obligation quote.

    We don’t expect our customers to be drainage experts. However, there are a number of tell-tale symptoms that are directly associated with a blocked drain. These can include slow clearing drains, gurgling noises, unpleasant smells, overflowing sinks and localised flooding. If you find yourself with any of these issues contact our team without delay.

    A wide range of techniques are designed and utilised to eliminate blockages. If the cause of the blockage is not immediately apparent our team will undertake a CCTV drain survey. This will enable them to pinpoint the exact nature and location of any problem. 

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    Once we have this information we will use it to determine the most appropriate method to clear your drains. Some of the most popular drain clearance methods include:

    High Pressure Water Jetting: High pressure water jetting is a common method for clearing blocked drains. This process involves forcing water into your drains at high pressure to dislodge the blockage.

    Drain Rodding: In addition to drain jetting, we can also use drain rodding to clear obstructions. To manually remove a blockage our engineers, insert drain rods into your drainage system and physically clear the blockage.

    Root Cutter Services: Another cause of drain blockages is the intrusion of tree roots into your drainage pipes. To clear these, we use a bladed cable which when inserted into your system will cut through the roots.  This clears your drains and allows waste water to flow freely away from your property.

    So, if you are suffering from blocked drains in Crowborough we are here for you. Here at DDS our experienced team have the skills and resources to effectively clear commercial and domestic drains. For more information on our industry leading drain unblocking in Crowborough contact us today.

    Blocked Drainage Engineers Crowborough

    CCTV Drain Surveys Crowborough

    Pleased to offer Industry leading CCTV Drain Surveys in Crowborough and surrounding areas. By combining years of experience and modern technology we can identify any number of existing or potential issues in your system. If you are looking for a CCTV Drain Survey in Crowborough our team of drainage specialists are here for you. Once completed our engineers use the findings to offer professional advice on the most appropriate remedial action.

    Our professional engineers are fully equipped with industry leading cameras and CCTV equipment. This enables them to investigate and diagnose any type of commercial or domestic drainage issue. Here at DDS no job is too big or small, and we take time to ensure every issue is clearly identified. 

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    CCTV Drain Surveys involve manoeuvring a small hi tech camera throughout your entire system. Our high-quality equipment that problems are identified allowing our engineers to restore your system to full working order. Get in touch to learn more.

    Our CCTV Drain Surveys in Crowborough are ideal for Industrial, commercial and domestic properties. CCTV Drain Surveys assist our drainage engineers in rectifying difficulties quickly and cost-effectively. If you would like to discover how our CCTV Surveys can benefit you call our team without delay.

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    Blocked Drains Crowborough

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    Homebuyer Drain Surveys Crowborough

    Buying a new house can be an exciting and stressful time. As a result, it is not uncommon for things to get overlooked during the complex procedure of completing a purchase. By failing to get all the appropriate surveys completed you run the risk of inheriting expensive repair issues. Where drainage is concerned some homeowners may simply forget to have this checked. However, a faulty or damaged drainage system can prove extremely costly to repair. By taking advantage of our homebuyer drain surveys in Crowborough you can avoid nasty surprises.

    A homebuyer drain survey comprises a thorough investigation of the drainage system of your prospective purchase. A homebuyer drain survey will give you a clear understanding of the condition of the drainage system. This will also include a quote for any remedial action that is required. This will allow you to negotiate with the vendor to either undertake the work or reduce the price. To find out more about our homebuyer drain surveys in Crowborough get in touch today by emailing us or calling us for FREE.


    Do you have a problem with blockages, overflows or floods? With our rapid 30 minute response time around Brighton and East Grinstead, we’ll help you get back on track!


    Unblocked Blocked Drains in Crowborough

    Drain Repairs Crowborough

    Our expert drainage engineers are equipped with all the skills and knowledge to resolve any drainage associated issue. With access to the latest tools and technology our engineers offer a first class drain repair service in Crowborough.

    There are many issues that can contribute to drainage damage. Things like natural wear and tear, system intrusion or constant misuse can have a detrimental effect on your system.

    Some of the most common types of drainage damage include blocked drains, cracked pipework, tree root intrusion, loose connections and collapsed drains. If you find yourself suffering from any of these issues it is imperative you act decisively.

    More about drain repairs in Crowborough

    Here at DDS, we pride ourselves on offering a solution to every possible drainage problem. Our use of the latest tools and technology offer us a number of affordable options to quickly restore your system to working order. In the majority of cases our experts can provide an immediate in situ drain repair solution in Crowborough.

    However, in certain circumstances drainage pipes become damaged beyond repair. In such cases we can offer a complete drain replacement service. This course of action will normally only be taken after all other drain repair avenues have been ruled out.

    If drain replacement cannot be avoided any work will be undertaken in a way that causes minimal disruption. Some wide range of drain repair services in Crowborough we provide include:

    • Drain Relining
    • Drain Unblocking
    • Drain Excavation
    • Drain Pipe Replacement
    • Drain Moling

    Here at DDS, we pride ourselves on offering a complete 24/7 drain repair service in Crowborough. We work closely with our customers to provide an affordable drain repair solution for them. Contact our team today to discuss your requirements and get a free no obligation quote.

    Gutter Cleaning Crowborough

    Our gutter cleaning services in Crowborough will ensure your guttering remains clear and operating as it should. Debris in gutters can cause all manner of problems for domestic and commercial properties. Overflowing gutters can cause significant damage resulting in costly repair work and possibly affect the value of your property.

    If a gutter becomes blocked and fills with water it will eventually break and come away from the wall. By using our gutter cleaning service in Crowborough, you can ensure your guttering flows freely and remains safe from damage.

    To arrange regular gutter cleaning call and speak to our friendly team at DDS today. You can even fill out our easy contact form, and we will be back to you ASAP.

    What Other Areas Do We Cover?

    We are proud to service a wide area, our team is capable of responding quickly to callouts from several areas in East Sussex, West Sussex and Kent. Here are a few examples of areas we cover:

    If you would like to know more about the full area we serve, please call us directly at 0800 193 1383 or click on the link below.