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Here at Detection Drain Services we offer a wide range of drainage clearance and repair services in Horsham. We are proud to be a local independent drain company servicing the requirements of commercial and domestic customers in Horsham. By equipping our experienced engineers with industry leading tools and technology we can resolve all your drainage problems. Whether you have a sink that’s backing up or flooding in your garden we are here for you. Our comprehensive range of drainage services also includes CCTV drain surveys and Homebuyer drain surveys. This allows us to investigate your drainage system in its entirety and identify any issues. Get in touch.

One of the problems with a drainage system is that it often malfunctions at the worst possible time. To ensure you can resolve any problem quickly and with minimal inconvenience we offer customers a 24/7 call out facility. An average response time of under an hour means our engineers can resolve your problems in no time. So, if you find yourself suffering from a blocked drain on a Saturday, weekend or bank holiday we are here for you.

As a trusted and reliable drainage company in Horsham we are able to meet all your drain repair needs. Our wide range of affordable drain clearance solutions offer your home or business the perfect remedy for blocked drains in Horsham. Along with drain unblocking and repair we also offer a complete drain replacement and installation service in Horsham. For all the details on our total range of drainage services in Horsham call our friendly team today.


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    Blocked Drains Horsham

    Here at DDS our engineers have many years of experience when it comes to clearing partial and complete blockages. Whatever kind of blockage you’re suffering from, our team are here to help. We can clear domestic and commercial blocked drains in Horsham to prevent damage across your property. If not treated quickly, a blockage in your drainage system can lead to serious issues and structural damage. Our professional team can eliminate partial blockages before they develop into more substantial ones. We have the equipment and the experience to dislodge and break apart even the most stubborn obstructions.

     Many people attempt to eliminate blockages themselves using over-the-counter products. A lot of these cleaning agents actually remain in the system and contribute towards the blockage’s integrity. As such, it is advisable to contact a professional team to prevent long-term damage to your home or business. Get in touch today.

    Drains in Horsham can become blocked if they are forced to operate over-capacity. In these cases, the volume of waste will be too great for the system, which can easily cause it to become lodged in tight areas of your system. The most common cause of blockages, however, is the presence of unsuitable materials within your system. If you flush unsuitable materials, they can easily become lodged or adhere to the interior of your drain pipes. Many of these materials will not be correctly broken down in your drainage system which can lead to blockages.

    Unsuitable materials include baby wipes, kitchen roll, fats oils and greases and soap scum. In addition to these materials, it is also possible for other conditions to impact your drainage system. It is possible for things like tree root intrusions to grow into serious blockages, preventing your system from operating efficiently. Vermin and rodents can also build nests in your drains, which can cause blockages.

    It is unusual for blockages to appear suddenly in your drain pipes. Most are the result of several weeks of unsuitable waste being caught at one point in the system. While the issues that these partial blockages cause are irritating, they are a great indication that something is wrong with your system. Some of the tell-tale signs that your drains may be blocked include unpleasant smells, loud irritating noises and localised flooding. Get in touch with DDS by filling in a simple contact form, or call us for FREE on 0800 193 1383.

    As part of our blocked drains clearance services in Horsham, our engineers and plumbing experts can provide:

    High-Pressure Water-Jetting – Using high-pressure water-jetting, we can work to break any kind of blockage apart. The high-pressure nature of this solution will dislodge almost any blockage. It will also help to clean the interior of your system, which can prevent blockages from developing in the future.

    Drain Rodding – Using hard-wearing drain rods, we can break apart all kinds of blockages. We have extendable rods which can be directed through our drainage system until they reach the blockage. From there, we will be able to use the rod to break apart the blockage.

    Tree Root Cutting Services- If you find you have tree roots in your drainage system that are causing blockages we can help. By inserting a bladed cable into your system, we can sever any offending roots and completely clear your drainage pipes.

    Here at Detection Drain Services, we can provide complete drain clearance services for homes and businesses with blocked drains in Horsham. Whether you’ve suffering from a partial or total blockage, our team are here for you – contact us today.


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    CCTV Drain Surveys Horsham

    At Detection Drain Services, we offer industry leading CCTV drain surveys in Horsham and other local areas. If you think that you may have a problem with your property’s drainage system, we are here for you. We are proud to have access to specialist drain cameras and a team of professional drainage engineers.  For trusted CCTV drain surveys in Horsham provided by a company you can trust, choose Detection Drain Services. We are reachable via contact form, or you can call us for FREE on 0800 193 1383.

    With the latest innovations in drain survey equipment, we’re fully resourced to investigate unexplained drainage issues in domestic and commercial properties of varying sizes. During CCTV drain surveys, we guide a small, high quality CCTV camera through your drainage system. This allows our team of experts are able to identify and diagnose issues with your drains. On completion, we recommend the most appropriate repair option. This means your drainage system can be restored promptly and cost-effectively to full working order. If you are looking for professional drain inspections and CCTV drain surveys in Horsham, get in touch today. 

    All our CCTV Drain surveys include a written report outlining any existing or possible future issues with your drains. If required we can provide a visual report in the form of a DVD. You can use these reports as information for third parties like insurance companies.

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    Do you have a problem with blockages, overflows or floods? With our rapid 30 minute response time around Horsham, we’ll help you get back on track!

    Homebuyer Drain Surveys Horsham

    Buying a new home is an exciting time, but failure to undertake a drainage survey before completion could be expensive. It may result in you purchasing a home with a drainage system requiring expensive repairs in order to restore it. For peace of mind, and to comply with the lending requirements of some mortgage providers, we offer home buyer’s drain surveys in Horsham – get in touch to book yours.

    A drain survey involves a thorough investigation of a property’s drainage system. During which it will identify any current problems, future considerations and recommended repairs. This means that you are totally clear about the state of the property’s drainage system prior to completing your purchase. The report will also include the cost of any remedial work required to make your drains fully operational. For comprehensive home buyer’s drain surveys in Horsham, call our team today.


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    Drain Repairs Horsham

    Here at Drain Detection Services, we pride ourselves on offering the total range of drain repair services in Horsham and all surrounding areas. If you find yourself with flooding in the garden or foul smells coming from your drains, it is possible your system is damaged. If you are concerned that your drains are not working properly and need repairing we are here for you. A phone call to our professional team will have someone with you quickly to resolve the issue. Our engineers are equipped with the latest tools and technology meaning no problem is too big or small for them.

    We always provide our customers with the most appropriate and affordable drain repair for whatever problem they find themselves facing. Our aim is to get your system fully operational as quickly as possible by offering you a repair solution that is not only quick but within budget. Here at DDS, we understand that in many cases drainage damage is not always immediately apparent to a property owner. The fact that the majority of your system is underground and not visible can be a problem when detecting problems. This means that problems can escalate quickly due to people not being aware they were there in the first place. Contact our drainage specialists in Horsham.

    Some of the most common types of drainage damage includes collapsed drains, fractured pipes, loose connections and tree root intrusions.  The method used to repair your drains will in most cases depend on the level of damage. Once they have diagnosed the problem our engineers will discuss with you the most appropriate and cost-effective course of action. One of the most popular fixes is Drain Lining, this will enable us to repair your drains by inserting a resin lining into the system. The lining then protects against cracks, fractures and loose connections. This method removes the need for more costly excavation work.

    Our engineers will in all cases look to avoid excavation wherever possible, however if it is the only course available it will be done in a way that causes minimal disruption. Other drain repair solutions include Drain Moling, Drain Installation and CCTV Drain surveys. Whatever drain damage you encounter you can rest assured that the team at DDS have the solution. To find out about all our drain repair options call the team at DDS today.


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    Gutter Cleaning Horsham

    Keeping the gutters clean is an important part of the maintenance of your property. Failing to remove debris can in many cases lead to blockages. Blockages to your guttering if not dealt with quickly can lead to more serious issues like structural problems.

    Here at DDS, we offer an annual maintenance service that ensures your gutters remain free from blockages. By stopping your gutters from becoming clogged up we can help you avoid issues such as your guttering becoming detached from your property. Once your gutters become blocked they will stop flowing freely. This water can then overflow and cause loosening to your brickwork and damp.

    If you’re looking for a professional gutter cleaning service in Horsham, get in touch with our team as soon as possible.

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    What Other Areas Do We Cover?

    Our team of technicians is able to cover a vast area of West Sussex, we can respond quickly to calls from many locations. Our team would enjoy providing you with a variety of services in the following areas:

    Blocked Drains Crawley
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    Blocked Drains Gatwick

    Our service areas can be found by clicking on the links below. Alternatively, you can reach us directly by calling 0800 193 1383.


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