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The DDS team can provide a complete range of services to resolve any drainage problems you might be suffering from. If your property is suffering from any garden drainage issues, it can lead to serious problems. This is true for domestic and commercial properties. Blocked or damaged garden drains can lead to a range of issues across your property, including structural concerns and waterlogging. Our team at DDS can help – get in touch today.

Garden drains are extremely vulnerable to blockages and other kinds of damage. This is true for both the underground drain pipes themselves, in addition to the gutters. Leaves and other debris are a common concern for these systems. Failing to keep your outdoor drains and gutters operating as they should, will cause long-term problems for your home or business.


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    What Kinds of Problems Can Garden Drainage Suffer From?

    Garden drains can suffer from a wide range of issues. Leaves and twigs can easily become compacted and cause serious blockages in your external drains. Other debris, including mud or even wrappers and street waste driven by the wind, can also contribute to these blockages. If there is any kind of blockage in your drainage system, this can prevent waste water from being carried away. As such, flooding and backwashing are common problems.

    In addition to blockages, if your garden drains sustain any kind of damage, that could cause some serious problems too. Broken pipes can cause water to leak into the surrounding soil, which can lead to waterlogging and structural issues. While underground drain leakage might not be immediately noticeable, it can cause long-term issues. If you feel like you might have drainage damage in your garden, contact our team today.

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    Why are Garden Drainage Problems Serious for Home and Business Owners?

    Standing water caused by blockages and waterlogging can have a seriously negative effect on all kinds of properties. Some of the most serious consequences of allowing garden drains problems to develop. Such as:

    Weeds and Tussocks

    Standing water is vulnerable to rush seeds. These can cause weeds and difficult-to-shift tussocks to grow in your garden. This can not only create a horrible garden space but can take a great deal of effort to resolve.

    Unwanted Growths

     In addition to weeds, wet conditions can encourage the growth of potentially harmful features. These can include:

    • Moss and Lichens.
    • Algae.
    • Liverworts.
    Serious Property Damage

    Waterlogged soil in gardens is a common cause of serious property damage across the UK. Waterlogged soil will expand and shrink as the water enters and leaves it. This can lead to serious damage to your property’s foundations. The regular movement of soil can force foundations to shift in place, warp or even crack.

    Broken foundations can lead to sinking and shifting of your building. This can cause cracks to appear across your property’s walls, floors and more.

    Damage to Yards and Driveways

    Standing water on driveways can cause serious damage to the surface beneath it. Paving and flagstones can all crack and break under the water pressure; this can lead to an ineffective and damaged space. It is important that you introduce effective yard drainage solutions to deal with the risks of standing water.

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    Industry-Leading Garden Drainage Services to Protect Your Home

    As you can see, any kind of ineffective garden drainage system will lead to problems for your property. In some cases, all your property needs will be a great cleaning service to return the gutter to its former glory. However, if your garden is in serious need of drainage, the DDS team are here to help. We can provide a range of industry-leading services to prevent damage to your property.

    If your soil has become compacted or waterlogged, or if your property is located on clay-based soil, then your garden drainage needs to high-performing. Here at Detection Drain Services, we can help you to ensure that all water is directed away from your building.

    Some of the most effective drainage solutions that we can deliver for your garden include:

    Traditional Ditches

    In many cases, installing angled ditches can eliminate excess water on your garden’s surface. These ditches will be deep, with sloping sides that capture water but do not allow it to access the surface again.

    French Ditches

    If open ditches are unsuitable for your garden space, then French ditches are a common solution. These ditches are filled with gravel, before being covered by upturned turf. This causes water to diffuse through the gravel and exit your property, rather than becoming stuck in your soil.

    Piped Garden Drainage

    If your garden space is suffering from any kind of drainage issues, piped garden drains are a popular choice. Hard-wearing plastic piping can be laid in trenches to direct water away from your property. These drains will remove water from your property and into the nearest mains sewer line.


    For Experienced Garden Drainage, Get in Touch with DDS Today

    Here at Detection Drain Services, we are proud of the comprehensive garden drainage services that we can deliver. Whether you need something as simple as gutter cleaning or garden drain unblocking, our team are here to help. We can also deliver more complex solutions, including ditch digging and piped garden drainage for all kinds of garden spaces.

    For more information, get in touch with our experienced team of garden drainage specialists by calling us directly on 0800 193 9973. You can also send any questions or concerns that you might have through our simple online contact form. We promise to get back to you as soon as we can.